"Protect your personal, business and company confidential files "

"The latest secure software and Flash Drives ."

Imagine how you would feel if you lost your USB Flash Drive, stuffed full of personal files, private information and confidential documents.

It's a daily occurance out there and it's only a matter of time before your device is stolen, lost or accidently left in a computer.

SecureStix Innovations International specialise in the protection of your confidential information and have a range of products to suit the low budget student all the way through to the corporate giant.

SecureStixSecureStixOur products are currently in place within the Education sector, Law firms, Manufacturing companies, Accountancy companies, Franchise businesses, Banks, Telecommunication companies, Private enterprise and Large corporate multinationals.

We have agents in the USA, United Kingdom and Australia with more agents and regions opening each month.

SecureStix will take all the worry out of your data security and give you complete peace of mind, freeing you up to carry your files around knowing they are always protected.

SecuresStix offer dedicated Biometric Flash Drives for those who want the absolute best in security and the encryption of stored data and also have a range of software solutions for those just wanting protection on their exising USB Flash Drive.

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